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WARM sleeping area in Tauntaun chest cavity *LIMITED AVAILABILITY*

Hoth, Outer Rim

Rating: 3/5 stars

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  • Entire home / apt

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A very special accommodation and truly authentic “Hoth experience.” Bring your own tauntaun or I can provide one for an additional fee.


The Space

One-time use only. The space itself is pretty tight, but is sure to keep you snug as a bug in a…larger, dead bug.

Guest Access

Lightsaber required for access.

Reviews & Ratings

Rating: 3/5 stars


Rating: 1/5 stars


Rating: 3/5 stars

Featured Reviews

  1. Strong start. Weak Finish. The warmth and plushness of the accommodations were pure bliss when I began my stay; however, throughout the evening and into the night, the place got cooler and more stiff. By morning, it felt like I was surrounded by a blanket made of cold rocks.

  2. Difficult to find using Google Maps, when we eventually got there the owners had forgot to leave the keys so we had to manufacture a doorway our selves (which wasnt pretty).

    The stench that eminated from the entrance was horrific but being stuck in the middle of an ice desert with no signal and fearing for our lives from teh Imperial onslaught we had to make do and bed down for the night.

    Accomodation – 2 out of 5, Stank like a dead Tauntaun, small (some would say cozy), no toilet ended up getting frostbite on the lad. Plenty to eat though…

    Local amenities – 5 out of 5, the Ice Bar around the corner was top notch and we thourghoughly enjoyed the Snowball fight, Igloo build and

    Transport – 0 out of 5, no trains, planes or automobiles in sight just one probe droid which I had to shoot because it was keeping us up all night.

    Would not recommend and will never eat a Tauntaun burger again.

  3. Not bad for a night in the wild. Only concern was the secondary entrance, quite difficult to access.

    Oh, found an iPhone while in there.

  4. These accommodations were a real life saver in a pinch. Be forewarned, I think the host may have used some of my belongings while I was out.

  5. What an amazing smell you’ve discovered. That is not a compliment. Cramped space, moisture problem, and that smell, you will not get that smell out of your clothes.

  6. This posting was really inspirational. Unfortunately, I only had a horse available (no more tauntauns in the American midwest, sadly), but it did the job.

  7. Great stay if you prefer close-quarters. Only complaint is the A/C unit was outdated as it only had one setting for temperature: LUKEWARM. Would stay again if invited back!

  8. This place really small compared to a bantha I stayed in last week, but still nice and surprisingly well decorated (IKEA, I think). The smell was only noticeable when the temp was above 72F.

  9. At first there was nothing more inviting then a small warm and cozy place to stay in when on a deserted ice planet. The smell at first was horrific but tolerable. But then as the night went on the smell was one of a dead rotting Tauntaun. The smell just got worse and the A/C seemed to be deteriorating as it got rather lukewarm then warm. Would not stay again.


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