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Invite-only industrial loft

Echo Base (contact host for exact location)

Rating: 4/5 stars

  • Alliance location

  • Private room

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About this listing

Come enjoy the holidays at this exclusive underground compound.  This place is filled to the brim with modern technology.


The Space

The space is integrated closely into its surroundings, carved directly into a beautiful glacier. Exposed ice and pipes contribute to a functional, industrial style throughout.

Getting Around

Feel free to explore the immediate area on one of our many tauntauns or in a T-47 airspeeder specially modified to handle the local climate.

Things to Do

  • Take a relaxing and restorative soak in the bacta tank
  • Snipe wampa from one of our many custom-dug trenches
  • Protect the power generators
  • Ski / snowboard

Interaction with Guests

We’re a fairly large (and growing!) operation, so expect frequent run-ins with other tenants. While most are stand-up rebel fighters, there are a few real LASER BRAINS here who wouldn’t hesitate to just ABANDON ME THE CAUSE.

Shared use of the kitchen.

Reviews & Ratings

Rating: 4/5 stars

Featured Reviews

  1. The heat was utterly broken. Clearly this has been a longstanding issue given the fact that the other guests were all bundled up in multiple layers. If I wanted to freeze to death, I would have forgone a reservation and slept outside.

  2. Family had a great time here. I asked my Shaykh if Wampa are halal, and he said only if you slaughter it with a sharp knife and recite a prayer. I did so, tastes like chicken. Took the skin home to create a blanket out of it, kids loved being tucked in with it. Great place to stay, free food, and took home a souvenir.

  3. They really let anyone work on the ships, even guests! Our kids loved it. Nobody seems to mind as there a lots of ships.

  4. It was nice until the entire place was invaded and got all shot up. At first, I thought it was, like, a LARP game or something. But – OH NO – it was the real thing.

    My suitcase got hit by one of those pesky stormtroopers. You know, the guys that can’t even hit the backside of an AT-AT on a clear day YEAH. THOSE GUYS. The art deco inspired shield generator – which I posted on Instargram during a lovely sunset – got blown to pieces. Everyone was running around, freaking out, not serving drinks and just generally shitting themselves.

    Then, everyone left and it was OK after that. I guess.

    4 stars prior invasion, 2 stars post invasion.

  5. Great company, was invited to go on a “mission” and was promoted to Red Leader during some games with the other tenants. Plus, there’s an awesome view of the moon! Can’t wait to fly in for a closer look tomorrow.

  6. We booked this location for a corporate venue and invited several guests from different galaxies. It was a bit tricky to find this place but all in all it went well. We preferred the T-47 airspeed for a round trip because all of them are specially modified to handle the local climate. You need to see the beautiful glacier! This is just awesome. Our group had so much fun. On our last day we had the honor to meet R2D2 and C3PO. Both droids are so helpful … We will come back, that is for sure. Thanks for your warm hospitableness.


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